French Wines and Ciders Sailing to Plymouth and arrive at The Hidden Olive.

French wines and ciders sailing to Plymouth












Just two days after her arrival in Douarnenez to deliver Cornish ales to TOWT’s Breton distribution network, the “Grayhound” is back at sea, bound for Plymouth. The 108-ft lugger is carrying TOWT’s organic French wines and ciders, destined for local distributors such as the Hidden Olive and Calstock Trade Wind Navigation.

Plymouth low-carbon deliveries

After loading Douarnenez sail-delivered French wines and Cornouaille ciders, the “Grayhound” has left the “Port-Rhu” on Wednesday, 6th at 4pm, tacking against NWies out of the Bay. Currently sailing North of the Breton shores, the crew expect prevailing SWies all afternoon and night, whilst crossing the Channel. The “Grayhound” is likely to reach the Hidden Olive in Plymouth Sutton Harbour on Saturday night.

Weather allowing, the ”Veracity”, a 32-ft engine-free lugger, will moor alongside the “Grayhound” so as to load CO2-free sail-delivered organic wines that will then travel uptream on the River Tamar all the way to Calstock.

All the produces that is transported under sail, are identifiable with a quality label “Transporté à la voile” marking the carbon savings. With this label you can track the voyage using our website. Wines and ciders are all organic-certified and additive-free.

Sam Bagshawe, proprietor of the Hidden Olive says:
“If we can’t source it locally, then we want to ensure that our produce is not only of an amazing quality, but also delivered to us in an as eco-friendly manner as possible. We are incredibly excited about working with TOWT and the “Grayhound”. Not only do we want to be as green as we possibly can, but bringing a tall ship and its cargo to Sutton Harbour is a fantastic opportunity for this marina that is so full of history.

Chris Pollard, founder of Tradewind Navigation says:
“Tradewind Navigation believe that the benefits of this approach to trade go far beyond the positive aspects of a low CO2 transport policy. The product itself, from source to consumption is a demonstration of care throughout its journey, from production to table. This care comes through in the extraordinary quality of the end product. This becomes clear as soon as the product is tasted, you soon realise you have discovered something rare, and beautiful.”


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TOWT, wind propulsion for the future

TransOceanic Wind Transport – TOWT Sail-shipping’s aim is to multiply cargo transport by sail power, anticipating energy transition, proving the viability  and developing a clean-shipping certification, so as to allow the build of modern sailing cargo vessels.

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Guillaume Le Grand, TOWT, says:

“Sail shipping has been shown to have positive effects on the environment, and it has a great economic potential. The “Grayhound” is a project lowering the carbon emissions of shipping cargo around the world. She is a very concrete ambassador today.”

“The shipping industry is currently ill-equipped to cope efficiently with the challenges of the 21st century. Giant container carriers use as much fossil fuel energy as a small power station… The objective is not only to leverage classical shipping as a way to protect our future, but also to invest in modern sailing cargo ships.”

Marcus Pomeroy-Rowden, skipper and owner of the “Grayhound”:

“Onboard Grayhound we are passionate about treading as lightly as possible on our planets resources. We wanted to start a small family run business that stood for this , we didnt know if it would be possible….and we are trying to find out. With the help of TOWT and buyers like Cusgarne organic farm we are starting something that could be a powerful move into a different thinking of how things are transported and how as neighbouring countries we work together in a alliance to support each other. Where ever we load or offload cargo we always put a smile on people’s faces and we’re sure we make them think, if but for a second “there really are people out there doing something which challenges old ways and breaks the mould” If what we do is just to start the discussion then it is worth it. In the meantime we are sailors sailing in home waters to deliver quality products to buyers who care and it feels great all round.”